Love in Idleness
Director: Kim Noce

Mew Lab
Duration: 4 min
(clip/trailer 30 sec)

Love in idleness it is a short animated film exploring the fleeting delusional love relationship between Titania and Bottom.The film focuses on the transformation and transfiguration of the two characters in the act of a frantic lovemaking. Scratchy animated lines, morphed body parts, fragments of flesh intersect and crash together into the crude rhythmical act performed by the deluded donkey and the tricked woman. There is no story, no time and no roles: only raw emotions and sensations.

The film is made with charcoal on paper, the images are a series drawings constantly erased and retraced.

Technique: Charcoal on Paper

Funded by Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network and King’s College London in association with Film Club Productions

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